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                                            is an international project born in 2018,

         A series of no BS interviews. We talk real here.  11 new interviews to come !

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* Yolanda Demetrio,
Espaço Aberto, dance teacher
                             from Brazil na favela Rocinha

                Keeping one's Motivation despite a Violent environment

* Alessandra Cabral
Part 1
from London, Paris, Brazil, Here

                 Personal and professional organisation when you have a young child an live in
                 between countries
                 Part 2


* Caroline Hutton, 
English Yoga teacher from Bali

               Making a choice, moving a family from England to Bali

Marine Havel
is the executive director of PhilaFLAM and the Educational Advocate President at the federation FLAM USA.
Marine in this interview - 3 parts - is sharing her passions about human and women' rights
She is explaining us her life path as a woman, a mother and a wife.
How she overcame the difficulties that became interesting challenges professionally and personally.

                    Part 1
                    Part 2
                    Part 3

* Lot De Geyter
After 14 years of expatriation with her husband and 2 kids, Lot found herself in a brand new situation :
From Married to divorced which was not her choice
From shared parenting to being a single mum of two teenagers From expat to impat
She survived the emotional, financial ... turmoil and found her core No bitterness
Lot grew from this
She is sharing her personal experiences so you can listen to one way to deal with your life when consequent unexpected events arise.
Lot here


All life path; professional and personal can inspire others

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