_______  Symptoms

     * Anxiety 
     * Depression
     * Chronic stress
     * Sleeping disorders
     * Trauma - EMDR
     * Eating disorders
     * Chronic pain
     * Addiction
     * Other Symptoms             

Ethical practice 

You should never modify your medication without discussing it with your doctor, even if your symptom decreases during hypnotherapy

In specific circomstances and/or symptoms, I may need to reach out your doctor, which would only be done with your written authorisation.

Therapy work is the meeting between two individuals
It is like a dance, each person with their own specificity : you, who are seeking support and myself as the psychotherapist


This is how I design my therapies

I will be reflecting on and feeling who you are when I meet you
Taking into account your their request-s
Using my academic knowledge
and Sensing which best approach would support your specific situation

It could be hypnosis, coaching, EMDR, EFT, regression, past life .... there are too many approaches to write them all here
I would explain them to you and would use them only when you feel completely comfortable with them 
Knowing that very often they can be mixed

Please feel free to telephone me on +44(0)7 535 435 131 so you can ask me your questions and share your situation; this would be a courtesy important first contact;

Trust in one's psycho-therapist is a major parameter for positive outcomes in therapy.

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