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is what you need and what I create with my approach

Women & Minors

Approaches used:

_____ Clinical Hypnosis
_____ EMDR
_____ Parts Therapy: Ego State Therapy
_____ Mindfulness
_____ ACT
_____ Coaching
_____ NLP
_____ RECBT
_____ EFT


Your therapy with me is
Integrative    Realistic     Individualised     Supportive     Flexible    Adaptable

Face to Face or teletherapy

It is part of my work to help you understand and manage your symptoms

There are many approaches to address something and we will find the right one for you​ 

My therapy style is fluid to adapt to each instant of your journey; you are actively involved​ in the process.

It has been shown that positive therapeutic outcomes mainly depend on the adaptability of the therapist as well as on the quality of rapport between the therapist and the individual seeking support.
These are two aspects that I naturally integrate in my work.

Women can become over-achievers to 'prove' something to themselves and/or someone else; this doesn't necessarily come with peace or self-acceptance / self-esteem


They can under-estimate and under-develop their potentials in a world that takes its time to recognise their true value
They tend to forget that receiving is as important as giving, befriending guilt and shame in their life and sometimes accepting second roles

It is my honour and passion to welcome every single woman I am working with and support them so

___ They connect with their core Self
___ They fully engage with their chosen life with self-respect, self-acceptance, trust and a sense of safety; while respecting those around them up to a realistic level

Actively working with women means indirectly working with men     

Minors are a wonder to work with. They respond very spontaneously to therapy; their imagination and creativity is a true source for hypnosis

Like adults, children may need time and space to express what they feel and sense so they can unload with no guilt, fear or worry about potentially hurting mum and dad/guardians.
It is my work to reassure them that this will never happen, always making sure they are safe.

The presence of their parents/guardians is considered in the therapy room, depending on the age of the minor, their choice and their parents'/guardians' opinion

Minors love coming to my therapy room as it is their moment and territory to be, express and understand what is happening to/in them

My conception of a child is that they are a person in the same way an adult is, respecting the specificities of their age, intellectual and psychological maturity & ability

When working with young children, I am also working with the parent.s
The reasons are that
* Parental environment - and other adults like school staff for example - of a child, influences them and their impact can be managed differently sometimes.
* Parent.s can feel overwhelmed with a situation and may need support.

When an issue is about a teenager, early or late adolescence - some children show teenage-like behaviours before 13 years old - it is not rare that the minor does not want to see a psychotherapist.

Golden rule: I am not working with someone who does not want to; it would lead nowhere.
Though, I am then suggesting a work with the parent.s. For the management of their own current situation.The reason being that if the parent.s feel.s stronger, clearer, the minor will benefit as a secondary supportive gain.

What you share with me stays with me and that is the case both for adults and minors;

Ethical practice, REMINDER

You should never modify your medication without discussing it with your doctor, even if your symptom decreases during hypnotherapy

In specific circomstances and/or symptoms, I may need to reach out your doctor, which would only be done with your written authorisation.

On a more personal level
Pia was born in 1965; she is living with her life partner and their youngest child, while their two eldest are already on their independent life path. 
Born abroad and having lived abroad for about 20 + years as a child, as an adult and a mother, in 3 countries in Europe, in the Pacific Ocean and in South America.
Her initial training is academic and she never goes far from the latest scientific research or books as she believes they help understand many facts and enrich her professional practice.

Though life offered her other realities, 

Thanks to her family, she had an access to different approaches such as Acupuncture, Yoga and Pilates; a sense of instinctive understanding of others, as well as scientific procedures.


Then, some important dates helped her reach another level of inner reality



She has a big verruca on a thumb for ~10 years when her boyfriend notices it. It then becomes inflamed and a surgery is planned to remove it. The verruca disappears within one week... fear of surgery or  Love effect, or maybe both ?

It is a very classical and common phenomena for a verruca. Many popular healing treatments work well around beliefs & verruca

There is a power that is not consciously controlled



Death of her mother. Grieving. Just after the funerals, she has an out of body experience with a series of perceptions that make her feel past, present and future as one unique experience
She feels her 10 years old Self (strong stepping stone in her life) and her 35 years old Self helping each other and processing the painful event together
There is part of her that knows more than what her conscious thoughts can offer
We can call it the sub-conscious mind.


She is diagnosed with a rare condition. Rare conditions are on the rise in the Western world. Our body is fighting itself: interesting, isn't ?

Modern medicine can't do much about rare conditions

In parallel to regular medical check ups, she works with a professional to address her symptoms with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EMDR ( Eye Mouvement Desensitisation Reprogramming) , hypnosis and self-hypnosis.
All symptoms disappear within a few months. Due to these approaches or not ?

She has, once again, experienced the power of the connection brain, mind, body at sub-conscious level


She starts practicing daily meditation

Death of her father; Deep loss again
They talk openly about cancer and death. What a magnificent connection in pain and joy

Going through a complex personal situation, she experiences panic attacks, anxiety, depression. The idea of death becomes a relief
She puts herself in a 'distance mode' with her inner turmoil, a 'minimum life functioning state' and she reaches the very few people she believes can help her.
She offers her body, mind and brain a rest; medication is taken for one week, she goes out cycling, meditates & does conscious breathing exercises several times on a daily basis


Knowing one's inner  & outer resources is important
Every mental illness experience is different, with commonalities as well

Check with your doctor when you feel vulnerable and unwell

Along the way
Using Self-EFT, Self-Hypnosis or Self-EMDR.
Last in mind,
07/08/2020: EFT for a burn. 

There is nothing uncommon nor strange about all those above experiences, we rarely share them that is it.

There is that real connection between Mind, Brain, Body and Subconscious Mind


No wonder I am working with the conscious and subconscious minds to go deeper into one's inner world

  I like to be an opportunist of well-being

                                                  pushing the borders of Self Healing always further
                                                                    using all the resources we have                                     

                                                                               And we have a lot !

____ When I assess this is necessary, I request that the person has a medical check up before begining a
        therapy - e.g. specific pain, headache, hair loss ...
____ I may contact a doctor directly and only with the person's authorisation.
____ I may refuse to begin a therapy if I consider it would not be safe for the person contacting me 


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