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Special Books by Special Kids 

I love SBSK, as we see and meet Beyond the physical appearance


I am trained in all the symptoms cited and more

I have dedicated one page per Symptom for the clarity of the reader.
The reality offers us a different system.

Humans are complex beings; though not necessarily complicated.

It is frequent and normal to be dealing with several symptoms at the same time in one individual.

Listening to your opinion and at times mine when useful, we will chose a starting point for your therapy.

If you are dealing with sleep difficulties, panic attacks and childhood trauma for example and you chose to work on the sleep difficulty first, there is a good chance that the other symptoms will begin to shift as well as all are interconnected. That's a 'domino effect'
A link and a new balance may be established that will show us what to follow.

In therapy with me, we will consider your situation as a whole;
You, your current environment, past environment if it makes sense and mainly what are your beliefs, emotions about what you want to be working on: We will consider the bigger picture

You will learn self helping tools that are very practical ways for you to manage your state of mind and bodily reactions ... when you are by yourself.
This will increase your control of the situation and bring in more safety

"What cannot be communicated to the (m)other
cannot be communicated to the Self"

John Bowlby - 1991

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