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The name, surname, location, contact details of the person you are seeking supervision for with will not be shared


Supervision is part of our work as therapist

It supports us in sharpening our practice


Becoming aware of potential blockages
Transfer and counter-transfer

Managing our emotions

Getting perspective from a specific situation

Elaborating different rationale

2 supervision styles - choose yours

Professional Self Care Practices to manage your emotions before working with a client 
can be included in both options
The aim is to increase  that state of BEing with the other person

Structured Open presentation

You take the lead and present the situation in your own way

I will ask you questions I believe will support a better analysis of the situation

We work from there

Structured pre supervision form 

I am sending you my pre-supervision form for you to fill in and send back to me prior to our supervision time

You have precise questions to answer

We work from there

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