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Wholefulness = Mindfulness & Bodyfulness

Complete awareness of what is


Free meditation with Pia

You have several options:

MBSR or Guided Practice

Minors or adults

In the Institution : School or Corporate
In a group of individuals
Just for you

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Protocol
Created by Jon Kabat Zinn

8 weeks guided practice
More info

Guided Practice

is a bespoke approach with defined aims, so we can chose which approach will suit best what you are looking for.
You will be deciding on the number of sessions that can be revised at any time.

Ongoing essential research of Tania Singer so we understand the implication of the meditation practice on brain correlates

Mindfulness is not about being relaxed
It is a very ancient practice that, as Kabat Zinn says, has more to do with our humanity than any specific religion or culture.
It is a life choice.

Would it be a way for our Sapiens Sapiens species to finally be wise and inclusive ? I believe so.

Meditation and especially mindfulness is about awareness, looking straight at what is. What reality we have chosen for ourselves.
That reality unfolding from and in thoughts and behaviours defining our life - and vice versa

Ultimately defining the world we have chosen to live in. The organisation of our societies.

Meditation is both preventing difficulties and acting in the middle of the turmoil.
It creates a mind space, a space to BE, a way to breathe deeper and larger

It may seem less efficient for some, but isn't that for when we find it difficult to be with ourselves ?

Meditating can shake us deeply.
It is showing us who we are and offers us the possibility to chose what we want to be, to see, feel, our dark sides and bright sides with no judgement. Tough stuff at times, let's face it.

There is no right nor wrong time in beginning practicing
There is no age limit in practicing.

It is a life choice. Not a temporarily activity. A choice. And it can be done step by step, gently independently or guided.

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