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Mama 2 B

You can add some magical dust to your pregnancy with this Gift !

Becoming a mother is becoming a carer

                Golden rule to be an efficient long term carer:

                         TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST

            Welcome your baby   
            Stay who you are

Your gilft, Your Choice !

A series of 3 sessions to

Ponder your questioning
Share your fears
Get emotionally prepared
Regain energy
Prepare your body
Build confidence in your own motherhood


1 session of 

Hypnosis combined with Mindfulness
that my clients call

Their Mind Massage


Becoming a mother can, at times, feel like going through a tsunami or losing one's mind.
Don't worry, this is a widely shared feeling among womanhood ;) 

Hormonal turmoil
Much preparation

Much questioning
Much novelties

The first pregancy is an every second discovery

Following pregnancy/ies if any, bring similarities and novelties

Becoming a mother is integrating the line of the previous generations, whether this is a nice perspective, or not.
It is shifting from being a daughter to grow into the mother you want to be
Suddenly everybody has advice for you on how to behave as a mum-2-B. Everybody knows for you.

It can feel overwhelming
                        Though you can create your own space of motherhood


When your angel left too early and you keep carrying the loss
There is the possibility of reconnecting with your angel in a more peaceful way
Building that Love relationship where you are still around for each other
and allowing yourself to feel happy again


I can offer you
Hypno birthing to get your Mind & Body peacefully prepared to welcome your baby

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