Chronic Pain
            & Phantom Limb Pain

do take your whole life say people suffering from them

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Phantom Limb Pain

_____ Common after an amputation
_____ It can last a few days to months and more

_____ It might be due to a rewiring of the spinal nerves that lost signals

         from the missing limb
_____ Your sensations can vary

Chronic pain affects your

_____ Thoughts

_____ Moods

_____ Behaviour

_____ Relationships

_____ Attention span

_____ Motivation

_____ Sleep
_____ Your diet 


_____ We can work on the causes

_____ We can change the pain perception: intensity & location

I am back to socialising, shopping for fun, I feel happy again !
I have to tell my concultant so more people can benefit from hypnosis and pain management
X, Chronic pain management

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