Mindfulness in school

WELL BEING IN SCHOOL is a programme created by WBB

Offered in the UK and in Europe.


____ Helps pupils which learning is negatively affected by different issues and their

       underlying stress.

____ Support parents in their educational role 

____ Support school staff in their daily work in class


____ Built to offer a specific and targeted programme which addresses prevention and

        intervention with simple accessible daily exercises

____ Aim is that all adults and children learn, understand and become independant in the

       management of their daily experiences in school and at home in the long term

____ Benefit from Hypnosis, Mindfulness and coaching for a complete and efficient

       approach of this issue


For pupils, parents and schools staff

                            privately or within the school

____ Some facts

90% of head teachers in the UK report an increase of mental health problems in pupils, over the past six years (Institute for Public Policy Research, 2016)



Anxiety UK (2016): states that 1 in 6 young people will experience an anxiety condition at some point in their student life.

____ Some causes

The adults around the pupils – parents and teachers - also suffer from stress (work, family, societal …) that they involuntarily often communicate to the child.



Societal pressure with unreachable virtual models : advertisements …

Note for the parents:

If you feel your child isn't ready / if they don't want to see someone and you feel they might benefit from support;
Seeking support for yourself is a way to indirectly help your child

Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis – University of West London and the LCCH International

Septembre 2016
Pia / Marie Pierre Granjon Lecerf - Research
Abstract published by the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis


"Pia presents a wealth of research regarding anxiety disorders in children and adolescents and proposes clinical hypnotherapy as a powerful treatment for this ever-increasing health issue. As an enthusiast of mindfulness and behavior therapy myself, I am convinced Pia's proposal can be extremely beneficial to these youngsters. Fascinating research, Pia! I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the benefits of hypnotherapy!"

Marina Vanderput - Former Resource Center Language Development Coordinator & AP Programs Coordinator - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
                           Current School Principal at Our Lady of Mercy School - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The paper examines the current scientific literature, the main existing therapies; it also presents natural approaches and the efficacy of clinical hypnotherapy along with the possible future development for the management of chronic stress in minors. Associated problems are bullying, exams distress, difficult concentration in class, class behaviour and the different mental health issues.

Causes are pointed out for a better understanding and effective prevention and intervention work organization with this population.

What stands out is the important and increasing need around the issue of distress in young people.

In addition to the traditional Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy, there are new therapeutic options and common sense habits to develop, especially as the use of medication is not the recommended route for minors.

Different researches open to more understanding of the brain functioning involved, in particular around mirror neurons, epigenetics as well as the impact of the cortisol (stress hormone) on the resilience capacity.

New qualitative researches have clearly demonstrated the efficacy of hypnosis in treating distress in young people. The work with the students can be organised in groups or individually, depending on the goal chosen for the therapy.

Different levels of intervention have to be organised for a complete and efficient work. Many examples around the world prove that benefits can be reached with not much cost involved. Currently the work is beginning to develop with children in school; it would be interesting to move prevention upstream for younger children.

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