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Academic qualifications


_____ Clinical Hypnotherapist, Post Graduate Diploma, Level 7
          University of West London & the LCCH International

_____ Clinical Hypnotherapist Post Graduate Certificate,with Merits, Level 6
         University of West London & the LCCH International

_____ EMDR & Ego state therapy Certificate, LCCH International

Social worker Diploma, IFSY, France

_____ Master in Sociology, Social Anthropology - Psycho-Sociology & Family sociology, Paris, La


_____ Systemic Analysis & Transactional Analysis as part of social worker diploma

_____ EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Karl Dawson, EFT Master trained with Gary Craig

_____ Life coach Diploma, UK


_____ Certified Practitioner and Optimum Certified Practioner in NLP, Fastforwardnlp, France


_____ Mindfulness for schools, Foundations, UK


University Research - Happy to provide you with my work in you are interested, you can contact me HERE

_____ The third wave therapies based on Mindfulness  - ACT, DBT, RECBT - and Hypnotherapy

_____ Terrorism trauma & PTSD and hypnotherapy

_____ Neuroplasticity and hypnotherapy

_____ Chronic stress in minors and hypnotherapy - Abstract published by the British Society

         of Clinical Hypnosis 


_____ Weight management and hypnotherapy


_____ Women of a North African origin living in France: gains and losses; living with two


_____ Psychodrama and juvenile delinquency prevention 

_____ Religious social implication in a neighbourhood of Strasbourg

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